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Loop Technology Ltd.

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Loop Technology Ltd is a small family run business based in Dorchester, Dorset, specialising in industrial automation technology. They employ 21 staff including design, electrical and software engineers as well as 2 apprentices. The company have recently expanded into larger premises and have large clients from all over the world.

The company was founded in 1998 by Alun Reece, MD & Technical Director. Graham Wilson has worked for the company since 2010 and is the Logistics Manager. He also is the nominated person for health and safety and has been instrumental in seeing the company through the process of gaining accreditation to ISO9001 in 2013.

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Graham explains "Many of our clients are multi-national companies that often set high standards for health and safety. We have been able to demonstrate our commitment to health and safety with a proven track record resulting in   successful tendering processes. We always ensure that whilst we are meeting our clients' needs we do not go 'over-the top' in terms of what is required by health and safety law"

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Having won the contracts, Loop Technology undertakes pre-site surveys at client's premises. Graham explains 'I visit the client's premises in order to assess all the risks and hazards that our workers may come into contact with. As I am walking around the premises I can continually assess the hazards and risks our workers may come across from the start of the job right through to the finished product. This makes a massive difference and ensures that we take the right steps to protect our workers'

As a result of the pre-site surveys, Graham designed a pre-site installation process which allows him to update the installation crew.  This is done through images, photographs and job details issued to the workers before they arrive on site. He then produces a Risk Assessment Method statement (RAM).

Loop Technology is keen to continually update their workforce in respect to health and safety. 

"We hold regular health and safety discussions with staff and also keep them up to date of health and safety developments by email or memo. We know that our staff are very knowledgeable in their roles so we involve them in decisions in respect of purchasing new tools and equipment".

Graham signs up to HSE's e-bulletins and uses the risk assessment tools and website to continually monitor their H&S policy. He finds the easy to understand, free guidance to be a great help and makes the administration of health and safety easier.

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"We use the risk assessment tools to continually monitor our H&S policy and the website to ensure we are up to date with developments.  The guidance is good, explanatory and helps make administration of health and safety easier."

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Updated 2020-07-30