Edmund Nuttall Ltd

Company profile

  • No. of employees: 2,500
    Business sector: Construction
  • Business activities: Civil engineering
  • Location: England, Wales and Scotland
  • Stakeholders: Employees, union representatives, occupational health and human resources professionals and senior management

In 1997, Nuttall launched, in partnership with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), 'Qualifying the Workforce' - a drive to improve worker and subcontractor competence. The partnership was awarded 3 European Social Fund grants.

The challenge

Nuttall (along with the rest of the industry) was facing a growing skills shortage, high labour turnover and threats to productivity and quality.

What did the company do?

Since its inception, the initiative has involved: 2,500 monthly and weekly paid staff 1,500 subcontractor workers

Business benefits

Providing advice and guidance on developing all industry (workforce) standards, eg Investors in People and Workforce Development.

'The company is a leading force in UK civil engineering and enjoys a reputation for delivering high profile schemes. These training initiatives will continue to provide Nuttall with a competitive advantage, and most importantly, an unrivalled service for the benefit of our clients.

Graham D. Medcroft, Director, Human Resources

Health and safety benefits

Cost benefits

Having spent close to £2 million since 1997, improvements in staff turnover through reduced recruitment, training and other associated costs to the company has amounted to a savings of approximately £500,000 per year.


'Major projects such as 'Fast Track to Success' have confirmed Nuttall as being one of the leaders of the industry, in terms of upskilling both the workforce and the supply chain. The advances in terms of health and safety, the working environment, lifelong learning and equal opportunities will yield substantial benefits long after the project has finished.'

Graham D Medcroft, Director, Human Resources

Worker involvement

'Training and certification develops our workers and their sense of achievement, and gives the business a safer, more committed and skilled workforce adding real value to our services.'

Kevin Bennett, Training Manager

Updated 2021-08-03