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Data Scaffolding Services Ltd

Company profile

  • No. of employees: 8
  • Business sector: Construction
  • Business activities: Scaffolding
  • Stakeholders: Three shareholders
  • Location: West Lothian

Investment in high quality equipment and training enabled Data Scaffolding to move the focus of their business from the domestic housing market to major construction projects with higher returns. They have also more than halved their insurance premiums.

The challenge

Managing Director Vince Boytler has worked in scaffolding since leaving school. During his time as a scaffolder, he has witnessed many serious accidents, in part caused by poor scaffolding. In a competitive market, Vince realised that reputation is crucial in securing new business, especially when dealing with major contractors.

Vince wanted to move from the domestic housing market towards winning business from major building contractors. He realised that to make this transition, the materials and service provided needed to be efficient and of the best quality.

What did the company do?

Business benefits

'Gaining insurance has proved very difficult for many of our competitors. Insurance premiums are a significant cost to any small business working in high hazard environments. The fact that we have significantly reduced insurance premiums because of the focus we have is testimony to our decision to make health and safety our number one priority'

Joyce Brown, Company Secretary

'Reputation is everything in the construction industry. I have always wanted to provide the best quality materials to ensure the safety of employees and people working on site. From a business perspective, we are beginning to see the rewards from the initial investment. Our reputation is excellent and this has allowed us to move from the domestic housing market and expand into larger scale commercial projects, which have higher returns.'

Vince Boytler, Managing Director 

Health and safety benefits

Cost benefits

The initial investment in new scaffolding cost approximately £30,000. Staff training cost a further £400. The scaffolding has a lifespan of approximately 25 years which is considerably longer than other less expensive systems on the market. The job gets done quicker, and saves further on labour costs. This allows the main contractor to start work without delay. The scaffolding system stands up to rigorous inspection from contractors and the insurance company helping them to win business and save on insurance premiums.


Vince has always tried to give clients the best possible service. He ensures employees' have the safest working environment possible, in what is considered to be a dangerous and competitive industry. He believes in investing in quality materials and training.

He spends time 'at the coalface' working alongside his colleagues, and other contractors so that he can easily monitor health and safety, the standard of service and help ensure they all meet targets on time. They communicate and work together, to achieve higher standards.

Worker involvement

Data Scaffolding are a close knit team. All employees were consulted in order to decide which systems would make their work safer and easier. All employees were trained in the use of the new scaffolding. Health and safety issues are discussed on a day to day basis. Vince spends the majority of his time on site and can address safety issues as they arise. He empowers his team to address safety issues directly, and if necessary challenge unsafe behaviour.

Updated 2020-07-30