7. Safety case report: residents' voice

Describe the resident engagement strategy for your building in the safety case report. It should demonstrate:

  • how you have determined the best way of communicating building safety information
  • how you tailor your communication to meet your residents' needs

The safety case report should provide an overview of how you communicate and consult with residents of your building.

Residents at different stages of their occupancy may need different types of engagement and information. For example, new residents will need to understand their duties when living in a high-rise building. Provide summaries of relevant feedback from residents including any surveys or events held. Outline any plans for future communication or consultation.

If there have been changes to the way you manage your building, describe the process for consulting with residents.

The report should describe how residents can raise concerns and how these concerns are investigated and fed back.

Work on resident engagement is ongoing and we'll publish updates when they're available. In the meantime, the Resident's Voice factsheet has more information.

Updated 2022-06-22