6. Reporting occurrences and complaints

When you're preparing the safety case report for your occupied, high-rise residential building, you'll need to include information on how you report occurrences and complaints. Detailed policy is still under development, and we'll update this page when required.

Mandatory occurrence reporting

Provide an overview of your organisation’s mandatory occurrence reporting system, as defined in the legislation. Include:

  • how this has been communicated to, and arrangements for liaison with, other accountable persons
  • the arrangements for reporting required occurrences to BSR
  • a summary of any reports in the period since the building safety case was last submitted to BSR. If this is your first assessment, cover the period since the duty came into effect. The summary should include any learning points or remedial actions identified from the incident


Describe the system set up for investigating relevant complaints, as defined in legislation. Include arrangements for referring them to BSR where required. Include a summary of relevant complaints received since the new regime started or, for the future, since the last submission of the safety case report. Your summary should include how the complaints were resolved.

Voluntary occurrence reporting

Describe any additional voluntary occurrence reporting arrangements, as described in the legislation.

Updated 2022-06-22