1. Overview

If you are the principal accountable person (PAP) for an occupied, high-rise residential building, you will be required to produce a safety case report. This should demonstrate that you have identified and assessed the safety risks in your building, defined in legislation as the spread of fire and structural failure.

Your report should show you have taken all reasonable steps to prevent any building safety incidents. It should also show the measures taken to reduce the severity of any incidents if they occur.

If your building has additional accountable persons (APs), it is your responsibility as the PAP to produce the report in collaboration with any other APs. (Visit New roles and responsibilities for more information on APs.)

The following pages will help you prepare your safety case report. Before you begin, review the information you hold about your building and identify any gaps in your knowledge. Information you'll need to know explains what you'll need to find out.

Updated 2022-06-22