3. Safety case report: general information

Document control

To help with document control, you should add a date or version number to any documents you include with your safety case report.

Provide your building's unique property reference number (UPRN). Also include any reference number or code you are allocated when the building is registered with BSR.

Building name and address

Your report should include the building name, full postal address, and a photograph or map showing the building's location. If the building is one of several blocks, or contains cores with different postal addresses, include a brief description of the wider development and any shared facilities. You should also include an overview of the wider area, recording features such as nearby buildings or transport routes.

Relevant persons

Provide the name and contact details for:

  • the building owner
  • the principal accountable person
  • other accountable persons where relevant
  • the responsible person(s) under the FSO where different

You will need to provide an email address, telephone number and postal address.

Also provide details of any third parties, consultants or contractors involved in preparing the safety case report.

If your report includes a mixed-use building – such as a residential block built on top of retail premises – provide details of other relevant parties.

Description of the building

Provide basic information about the building, including:

  • when it was built and the relevant standards, such as building regulations, in force at the time
  • its height and the number of storeys
  • details of its design and construction, including external wall systems and services and utilities relevant to building safety
  • information about any building work, such as refurbishment, relevant to building safety that's taken place since it was built
  • the number and type of flats
  • the resident profile – for example the approximate number of residents, and whether any residents need extra assistance to evacuate in an emergency
  • floor plans to show the interior layout, both as built, and as now

Information provided when the building is registered with BSR may be a useful starting point. The requirements for registration will be set out in Regulations in due course.

Updated 2023-02-08