1. Overview

If you are responsible for a high-rise residential building, the Building Safety Act will require you to produce a building safety risk assessment. Your risk assessment should clearly demonstrate:

  • the types of measures you have taken
  • the reasons you have taken these measures
  • how they work, and how you delivered them

You'll need to show awareness of the preventative and protective measures you have taken:

  • prevention measures reduce the likelihood of an incident happening. Where reasonable, they should be taken in preference to protective measures
  • protective measures, sometimes called mitigation, reduce the severity of any incidents that occur

You'll need to collect information on:

  • the design and installation of your prevention and protective measures
  • their current condition
  • how they are managed and maintained
  • any changes to them during building alterations or refurbishments

You will need to demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps to manage building safety risks. In this document, this refers to spread of fire and structural failure. The following pages will help you identify risks in your building and what you can do to deal with them.

Updated 2022-06-22