3. General building information about risk prevention and protective measures

If you are responsible for an occupied, high-rise residential building, it is likely you will already hold some information about the building. The amount of information you hold may vary depending on factors such as the age of your building, and how often the ownership or management has changed.

The Building Safety Act will require you to have digital information about your building and that this information should be accurate, up to date and accessible. This is known as the golden thread of information. The Information you'll need to hold section explains the requirements in detail. This page is about the information you will need to gather on your preventative and protective measures.

You will need to know the type of construction your building is, and the materials used to build it. This should include details of its external wall systems.

Information on prevention and protective measures should include:

  • details of the original design and construction, including drawings. This will provide an awareness of any shafts, ducts, and risers. It will also show any differences between the measures in the plans, and the measures in place
  • the current condition of the building, including:
    • the condition of fire compartments - including fire stopping and fire doors
    • the structural condition - including the condition of any fire protection of structural elements of the building
  • the types of refurbishment or other changes that have taken place, which could include:
    • structural work such as adding extra floors
    • changes to the existing building such as asbestos removal, new heating or ventilation systems, window replacement, changes to the external wall system

Information you'll need to hold contains more detailed guidance on finding, holding and updating general building information.

Updated 2022-06-22