1. Overview

If you are responsible for an occupied, high-rise residential building, you are likely to carry out regular risk assessments already. This section is about how you consider risk assessment within the context of the Building Safety Act. For this purpose, we define a building safety risk as the spread of fire, or structural failure.

In high-rise residential buildings, multiple factors affect safety risks and their potential impact. You need to review your building systematically to consider what can go wrong, and the effects that could have.

You may need the skills and knowledge of more than one person. Therefore, your assessment method should have the flexibility to engage other team members and external experts.

Consider and challenge existing control measures. Then consider whether you have taken all reasonable steps to prevent a building safety incident from happening, or limit its severity if it did.

See Risk prevention and protective measures for more information on what we mean by 'all reasonable steps'.

Updated 2022-06-22