5. If the information highlights problems

When gathering information about your building, you may find problems. These might include:

  • discovering that a control measure thought to be in place is not in place – such as missing fire stopping or fire doors that have been replaced with normal doors
  • investigations identifying unresolved issues with control measures – such as ineffective smoke control or a broken alarm system

This gives you the chance to do something about them before an incident occurs.

Consider how critical each issue is and what you can reasonably do about it. This does not automatically mean it will need immediate, extensive, and expensive action. The response should be proportionate to the risk and should demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps, both to keep people safe and to meet the relevant legal duties.

Putting things right can take time. Consider what you can do, how long it will take, and whether you need to take any additional measures in the meantime. If work is not complete when you submit the building's safety case report to the Building Safety Regulator, an action plan can show the regulator what you're doing and the timescale for completion.

Updated 2023-04-24