3. Newer buildings

Projects involving more than one contractor must have a health and safety file. This will almost certainly be the situation for your high-rise residential building.

These files are given to clients once a project is completed, and should be given to any subsequent owners if ownership changes. If your building has a health and safety file, it will be a useful source of information.

Information that may form part of the health and safety file includes:

  • a brief description of the work carried out
  • key structural principles (for example bracing, sources of substantial stored energy - including pre- or post-tensioned members) and safe working loads for floors and roofs
  • the nature, location, and markings of significant services, including underground cables, gas supply equipment, and fire-fighting services
  • information and as-built drawings of the building, its plant and equipment (for example fire doors or the means of safe access to and from service voids)

Where regulation 38 of the Building Regulations applies, the person carrying out the work should give fire safety information to the client no later than completion or occupation (whichever is earlier). This may include as-built information, including plans of the building, to allow the client to operate, manage and maintain the fire safety provisions in the building

For existing buildings undergoing building work, keep the golden thread of information updated with accurate relevant documents.

Updated 2022-06-22