4. Missing information

If the building you're responsible for is older, or has changed ownership multiple times, some of the information you'll need may not be readily available.

However, you will need to take reasonable steps to find the required information. Archived paper-based storage, planning authority records, building control records, or previous owners may have documents that will help to fill information gaps.

Assess any historic documents to ensure they remain valid, particularly if the building has been refurbished or altered.

Building age will provide an indication of the regulations and standards in place at the time of construction. This will not necessarily reflect the current state of the building, particularly if it has been refurbished.

If information gaps remain, consider how important the missing information is for managing building safety. In some cases, further work will be needed. This may involve consulting with specialists, undertaking surveys or commissioning reports. Individual circumstances will determine what is reasonable.

Your investigations should be proportionate to how important the missing information is. The building safety risk assessment will help you decide its importance.

BSR will be publishing case studies and examples of proportionate responses to common situations as we develop the new regime.

Updated 2022-06-22