Safety cases and safety case reports

The Building Safety Bill is making its way through Parliament. As it passes, we will get a clearer idea of what it might mean to the building safety reforms. We will share information as we learn more.

Fires and serious structural incidents in high-rise residential buildings are rare. When they happen, their consequences for people in or around the building can be catastrophic. A single incident can affect many people and their homes.

The building safety reforms propose a proportionate and systematic regulatory framework. The aim is to prevent and reduce the severity of a serious fire or structural failure. It includes more stringent requirements for high-rise buildings.

Safety case

The safety case is all the information you use to manage:

Some of this information will show how you're:

Safety case report

The safety case report is a document that summarises your safety case.

It identifies your building's major fire and structural hazards. And it shows how you are managing the risks as far as you can.

The report should give the reader confidence that you:

Safety case principles

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Updated 2021-10-05