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UK-based REACH authorisation holders

  • If you are a UK manufacturer, importer, downstream user or an Only Representative, your existing EU authorisations before the UK leaves the EU will be carried over (‘grandfathered’) into the UK system. This will include the review period and any conditions attached to the authorisation. It will not incur a fee from the Agency (the HSE).
  • If you are a UK holder of authorisations (i.e. where you applied and the European Commission has granted an authorisation decision), you will be required, within 60 days of the UK leaving the EU, to supply the UK Agency (the HSE) with technical information relating to the authorisation to enable the effective management and enforcement of the authorised substance. The required technical information is:
    1. the information included in the application for the authorisation;
    2. any other information provided to ECHA by the applicant for the authorisation which was material to the formation of ECHA’s opinion; and
    3. any information required to be submitted or recorded before the point that the UK leaves the EU under any condition under which the authorisation is granted.
  • Further information on what the new UK REACH will look like
You want to You need to By when

maintain your use or supply for a use in the UK

provide HSE with the technical info relating to the authorisation

60 days post-exit day 

Updated: 2020-01-15