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Regulating explosives if there’s no deal

We have amended the UK’s product safety framework, which includes HSE’s Explosives Regulations 2014 and industrial products where HSE acts as an enforcing or market surveillance authority.

These changes ensure the legal framework will remain operable if there is a no-deal Brexit.

Implications for business

In the event of no deal, you will need to take action to check which conformity marking you will need to use; whether you will need to appoint an authorised representative or responsible person in the UK and whether your legal responsibilities will be changing. HSE has prepared a table to help with this planning and full details are also given in the guidance on placing manufactured goods on the UK market.

Intra Community Transfer applications (ICTs)

Processing time for ICT applications

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, HSE will contact all ICT applicants where the ICT approval is unlikely to be issued by exit day. HSE will then transfer the application details to enable the issue of a GB transfer approval. This will ensure a valid GB transfer approval is in place after exit. The applicant will then need to ensure they have a valid EU issued ICT in place for the EU part of any journey.

Full details are given in the following guidance:

Civil explosives product safety requirements comparison table

To help you get ready, a comparison table summarises the current UK/EU requirements and outlines the changes that will be brought about by a no-deal exit, what you would need to do, and what actions your company would need to investigate.

More information

Businesses dealing with civil explosives can find more advice in Exporting controlled goods after EU Exit.

Updated 2019-10-09