The British Dental Association (BDA) recognises that all members of the dental team have a responsibility to follow infection control guidelines to ensure safe practice within dentistry.  The nature of dental practice means that there is an opportunity for staff and client exposure to BBV. 

The BDA has published detailed guidance, including topics such as patient confidentiality, dental surgery design, cleaning and disinfection.  This document is available from the BDA web site:

The British Dental Association.  (2003). Advice sheet A12: infection control in dentistry.  Available at: British Dental Association or via the Department of Health website .

In addition, the Department of Health has published new guidance on dental decontamination. 'HTM 01-05 Decontamination in primary care dental practices, available at: Publications policy and guidance - HTM 01-05: Decontamination in dental practice

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Updated 2022-05-13