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Regulation of products with claims to control moss under the Control of Pesticides Regulation (CoPR; 1986)

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Prior to the introduction of the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) and the Plant Protection Products Regulation (PPP), the use of products to control growth of moss on hard surfaces was considered to be "non-agricultural" under the CoPR category of "surface biocide".

The issue of whether control of moss in this context is a PPP use rather than a BPD has been considered by the European Commission (DG Environment/DG Sanco). The outcome of the discussions was the confirmation that control of moss should be regulated under PPP.

In order to comply with this decision and to ensure a level playing field for industry across the European Union, Approval Holders of products are required to remove claims and reference for use against moss from their labels (ie from the pest and usage areas) where the active substance in the product is not supported under PPP for this use. In addition, any reference to "Moss" in the product name will also need to be removed.

From 31st October 2012, HSE no longer accepts product applications for approval under CoPR, which make claims against moss.

HSE notified all Approval Holders affected by this change in writing. Notices of Approval (amendment) were issued as appropriate. Approval Holders need to make the necessary changes to product label at the next reprint or by 31st March 2014 at the latest (approximately 18 months from the date of the letter of notification of the change). At which point no product should enter the supply chain with "Moss" on the label.

Products with old labels already in the supply chain prior to 31st March 2014 are allowed to continue through the supply chain and be used up.

Published 19 October 2012 (updated 22 February 2013)

Updated 2013-07-24