Managing my asbestos - A step by step guide

8. Write your asbestos management plan

Before arranging for any work to be done you should start by writing an 'asbestos management plan'. This should include:

  • who is responsible for managing asbestos;
  • the asbestos register you have just made;
  • plans for work on asbestos materials;
  • the schedule for monitoring the materials' condition; and
  • telling people about your decisions.

The plan must say who is responsible for what. It can be written or held as a computer based record. Make it easy to read and easy to find when you, or anyone else, needs it. It must be easy to update.

Key point

  • Update your plan whenever work affects asbestos materials.
  • Record your regular monitoring of the condition of asbestos materials.

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Updated 2023-05-16