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Managing my asbestos - A step by step guide

Refurbishment / demolition survey

Tell the surveyor you want a refurbishment/demolition survey.

The refurbishment / demolition survey is required where the premises, or part of it, need upgrading, refurbishment or demolition.  The survey does not need a record of the condition of asbestos-containing materials (ACM).  Normally, a surveyor is needed for refurbishment / demolition surveys.

A Refurbishment / demolition survey aims to ensure that:

  1. nobody will be harmed by work on ACM in the premises or equipment;
  2. such work will be done by the right contractor in the right way

The survey must locate and identify all ACM before any structural work begins at a stated location or on stated equipment at the premises.  It involves destructive inspection and asbestos disturbance.  The area surveyed must be vacated, and certified 'fit for reoccupation' after the survey.

Provide the surveyor with the site layout, building plans, building specifications or architect's drawings, and any history of asbestos work.  Point out your site hazards, including means of safe access to heights. Provide keys, etc.


The reports should state the location, presence and extent of asbestos-containing materials and debris. It does not assess the asbestos condition but the surveyor should mention any that is in a dangerous state. 

The report should state where the surveyor or sampler did not survey or sample.  You should presume that areas that the surveyor has not accessed do contain asbestos.

Key points

  • You need a survey unless you know there is no asbestos present.
  • Surveying needs trained specialists.
  • Surveys do not need a licence.

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Updated 2023-05-16