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Managing my asbestos - A step by step guide

Asbestos in old equipment

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Equipment bought new after 2000 contains no asbestos.

Second-hand or old equipment may contain asbestos.  This means equipment such as ovens, insulating mats, fire blankets, oven gloves, ironing surfaces, etc and equipment with soundproofing, thermal insulation, brakes, etc.

You should not buy or sell equipment that contains asbestos.

Maintenance of old equipment

If you intend to maintain old equipment, you should find out if it contains asbestos.  If possible, ask the equipment manufacturer or service engineer.  Otherwise presume the equipment contains asbestos, unless you know it doesn't.  Mark it with an asbestos sticker.

Maintenance may disturb asbestos in old equipment.  If you don't know what there is and where it is, you need a 'management survey'.

The surveyor or sampler may need you and your employees to keep away during surveys and sampling.  The report should state the asbestos type, location, extent, condition and any surface treatment.

You can then decide how to go about safe maintenance using either a trained contractor or a licensed contractor.

Disposal of old equipment

If you intend to dispose of old equipment that may contain asbestos, ask a licensed asbestos waste contractor for advice.

Updated 2023-05-16