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Managing my asbestos - A step by step guide

Key points for licensed work on asbestos


  • When the work needs a licence, the contractor has an HSE licence.


  • A clear method statement that complies with the law is being followed.
  • The clean-up method and tests are described.
  • Other documents are available, such as the risk assessment, the licence, true training and medical certificates, test certificates, sampling results, waste disposal documents.


  • HSE notified (at least 14 working days) before the job is due to start.
  • The 'Certificate of Reoccupation' issued by an accredited organisation.
  • Supervision is effective.


  • Enclosure, airlock and (for a larger job) a bag-lock - all in good condition.
  • A negative pressure unit inside the enclosure, away from the airlock.
  • Wetting only begins after the enclosure is complete.

Hygiene facility - decontamination unit

  • Set up properly before work begins, and clean of asbestos.


  • Stored and transported correctly to a closed skip.
  • No signs of asbestos on transit routes.

Personal protective equipment

  • The correct type of respirators are used, tested and cleaned properly by trained workers.

Surveying, sampling and analysis

  • The surveyor, clearance analyst or laboratory are independent of the asbestos contractor.
  • These specialists are members of a professional organisation.

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Updated 2023-05-16