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Managing my asbestos - A step by step guide

Actions and facilities required for licensed asbestos work

Can you arrange for asbestos work to be done during holidays or shutdown?

Examples of licensed asbestos work:

  • Sealing, encapsulation, repair or removal of sprayed asbestos, eg insulation against noise or fire.
  • Most repair or any removal of asbestos insulation, eg lagging on pipes and vessels for thermal insulation.
  • Most repair or removal of asbestos insulating boards, eg partition walls, linings, and suspended ceiling tiles, thermal insulation, insulation against fire. This includes millboard-lined ducts and doors.
  • Removal of asbestos materials in the ground.

Planned work

  • Tell your employees and safety representatives what is planned, and when it is expected to finish.
  • Warn them about changes in day-to-day activities.
  • Alert your neighbours to the nature of major work.

Action needed

  • If the surveyor confirms that it is safe, clear out moveable items.
  • Turn off any plant in the area, eg boiler, and make all the electrical circuits safe.
  • Lock off entrances and post notices to warn your employees. If this area was on an emergency evacuation route, tell your employees about an alternative.


  • Don't damage any asbestos when doing these jobs.
  • If in doubt, STOP. Get the contractor to do it.
  • Engage competent clearance contractors and asbestos testing laboratories that are not owned directly by the main asbestos contractor. Clearance contractors should be accredited under UKAS. Asbestos fibre counting laboratories should be accredited by UKAS.

Facilities needed

Information for the contractor about the hazards on your site:

  • space for the airlock, the hygiene facility - decontamination unit - as close as possible to the work;
  • space for waste storage eg a lockable skip.
  • electricity and water supplies, and a drain for waste water.
  • some personal protective equipment for emergency use.
  • access to facilities - toilets, etc;
  • you may need enhanced security against vandalism.

What to expect

  • Smoke testing the enclosure before and during the work. Turn off smoke detectors during these tests - and turn them back on afterwards!
  • Air sampling near the enclosure or work area.
  • Air extraction units, running continuously after the first smoke test until clearance of asbestos.
  • Contractor carries out daily checks of the enclosure and keeps records for your inspection.
  • To hear reports of anything that is wrong.
  • Formal clearance, before you can reoccupy the area. You must have a copy of this certificate.

Legal points

  • The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) apply to this work. (See CDM regulations on right)
  • The contractor's detailed method statement should cover all health and safety risks, not just asbestos. (See Five steps to risk assessment on right)

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