Rope seals and gaskets

Where do you find this?

Asbestos rope seals and gaskets can be found in gas or electric heating appliances. 

What do these look like?

Rope seal [1]
Asbestos rope seal on boiler
Rope seal [2]
Asbestos rope seal on boiler
Asbestos gasket
String gasket
Asbestos string gasket between metal sheets

How dangerous is this?

Work on any type of asbestos can be dangerous. However, tasks on these particular materials can be carried out by non-licensed workers who are appropriately trained. Maintenance and low risk work such as removal of gaskets or rope which can be removed virtually intact without substantial breakage would not normally be notifiable provided that the material is in good condition.

If the work is likely to cause significant break up and deterioration of the material then notification would be required.

Asbestos essentials includes a number of task sheets which will show you how to safely carry out non-licensed work on these materials.

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Updated 2023-05-16