6. Write your asbestos management plan and monitor it

An asbestos management plan sets out the procedures and arrangements to manage the risk from asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your premises.

What your plan should contain

Your plan should include:

  • who is responsible for managing asbestos including deputies
  • your asbestos register, including the site plan showing the location of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and areas not inspected
  • the schedule for monitoring the condition of ACMs
  • how you will share your asbestos register with workers or contractors doing maintenance work
  • control arrangements to ensure that ACMs are not disturbed
  • emergency procedures if ACMs are disturbed

The plan should be site-specific and say who is responsible for each element of the plan. It can be written or electronic.

Make it easy to read, update and find when you or anyone else needs it.

Prioritising your actions

Draw up a priority plan for action. Give high priority to damaged ACMs and those likely to be disturbed. Your risk assessment in the asbestos register will help you identify these ACMs.

You should also consider any planned work on the building such as:

  • service installations
  • net zero improvements

If the ACMs are in good condition and unlikely to be worked on or disturbed, it is usually safer to leave them in place and manage them.

Deciding on what actions to take to manage risk

All ACMs in good condition must be regularly inspected to check that they remain in a good condition.

ACMs that are damaged must be repaired, protected, sealed or removed. The options you select will largely depend on the extent of this damage.

When you are setting actions, you should also consider any planned refurbishment or installation works which may require ACMs to be removed, even if they are in good condition. You may find it helpful to set both short and longer term actions.

All actions should be clear, time-based and reviewed as part of your wider management plan review.

There is guidance on selecting management options in A comprehensive guide to managing asbestos in premises.

Keep your asbestos management plan up to date

Continually monitor the plan and review the arrangements so the plan is relevant and up to date.

It is important to review and update your plan:

  • whenever work takes place that affects ACMs
  • where staff with management responsibilities have changed
  • where ACMs have been inadvertently disturbed
  • following scheduled condition checks of ACMs

Example asbestos management plan

Blank asbestos management plan

Blank asbestos management plan in Word

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