Building work

What you need to do...

The law requires that health and safety is managed throughout all stages of a building project, from conception, design and planning through to site work and subsequent maintenance and repair of the structure. The law applies to all work building projects and refurbishments. It does not apply to work on your domestic dwelling (farmhouse) but will apply to refurbishment on any domestic premises you provide to employees.

What you need to know...

Most farms carry out some building work, from dismantling and re-erecting entire buildings to dealing with asbestos. All such work involves risks and you must put proper controls into place.

Farmers are very resourceful and can often turn their hand to most things. Start by asking yourself if it is a construction job or a maintenance job and, in either case, if you can do it yourself. If in doubt, consult a professional builder for advice.

Building contractors

If you are employing a contractor to do any construction work (including demolition) then the law imposes particular legal duties upon you as a 'client' under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

The duties of a client include:

If the construction work will last more than 30 days or involves more than 500 person days, then you also have to do the following:

Both you and the contractor have legal duties for health and safety that you cannot pass to each other by contract. This means you need to work with each other to make sure you get the job done safely.



If excavating, remember:

Demolition or dismantling

New buildings