Transport - Other case studies

A farmer was run over by a reversing tractor and slurry tanker.

A farmer was found trapped between a bale and a loader. He was unloading a trailer of large straw bales.

A farmer was pinned against a wall by a telehandler bucket while working alone in the barn. He got out of the vehicle to clear animal feed with a shovel. The handbrake was not put on and his dog was left inside the cab. He was standing between the bucket blade and the wall when the vehicle moved forward, trapping him at the waist and crushing him against the wall.

A farmer was found crushed under the hydraulic arm of a telehandler. He got off the telehandler to remove plastic wraps from bales of silage. It is believed that the engine of the telehandler was left running and that a bundle of plastic bale wrap in the machine cab fell from behind the driver's seat onto the controls, lowering the bale handler to the ground and crushing the farmer underneath.

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Updated: 2019-04-18