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Sector plan for health and safety in mines

This sector covers underground coal mines, mines producing other minerals, tourist mines, and those used for adventure or educational activities and storage.

Coal production has reduced over recent years, but the sector still contributes to the economy, producing rock salt for winter road treatment, potash for fertiliser production and gypsum for cement and plaster production and other specialist minerals.

Tourist and adventure activities at mines have the potential for a substantial public hazard. The numbers of leisure mines and mines used for storage and controlled waste disposal are slowly increasing.

The sector comprises around 100 mines around Great Britain. Work is in progress to sink a new coal mine in West Yorkshire and there is also a well-developed proposal to sink a very large polyhalite mine in North Yorkshire to produce up to 12 million tonnes per year.

The plan

This plan covers the current position, priorities and what HSE will do to help Great Britain work well.

Updated 2020-11-05