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Lead and look after staff valuing their contribution and their diversity and the benefits this brings to the way we engage with stakeholders.

Key Priority Business owners Action proposed and targets set Measurement
1.1) Help the Board and SCS to lead HSE as a corporate team and promote leadership at all levels.
  • leadership programme developed and promoted to DD staff
  • complete 360 degree feedback for SCS Members will be completed by end of December 2001.
  • findings on leadership from staff survey are reviewed in 2002 or 2003 survey.
  • 360 degree feedback exercise completed to time and evaluated.
Looking after staff
1.2) ensure exemplary standards of health and safety for staff.
PD and all D/Ds
  • by end 2001/02 all managers will put in place arrangements to manage hours staff work and reduce excessive working hours and workloads
  • by 2010 HSE will achieve the RHS targets for reductions in accidents and ill-health and Civil Service targets for managing absence; achieving half the required reductions by 2004.
  • by end March 2002 will have held 11 courses, and trained 350 staff in health and safety.
  • by summer 2001 there will be a dedicated health and safety site on the HSE intranet.
  • 2002 Staff survey will be used to test progress.
  • HSE targets for RHS met.
  • courses attended effectiveness and value for money evaluated.

1.3) provide better recognition and fairer rewards

  • we will develop new arrangements for managing and rewarding performance and implement these by the end of 2002/03.
  • by April 2002 all staff will have the necessary information to decide what to do on the introduction of PCSPS 2000.
  • we will introduce letters of appreciation for staff at 25 years, and on retirement and special awards for merit in specialist and service functions.
  • we will provide a better deal for staff who support major incident investigations.
  • we will complete the work on premium pay and produce guidance on premium pay by the end of 2001/02
  • new arrangements developed and accepted by stakeholders, and implemented to agreed cost and quality standards.
  • staff have necessary information, understanding will be sampled to confirm this.
  • scheme accepted by stakeholders and introduced to timescale.
  • better deal agreed and effectiveness measured.
1.4) make HSE a truly diverse organisation and utilise the benefits this brings
PD and all D/Ds
  • by end of 01/02 all managers will receive diversity awareness training.
  • by end of 2005 we will achieve Diversity targets in Modernising Government programme.
  • in each of the next three years we will increase the number of recruits into HSE from ethnic minorities by 5%.
  • we will implement the new Race Relations Act and relevant associated legislation in accordance with the required timetable.
  • we will employ 24 more New Deal staff in HSE and accept 15 Windsor Fellowship placements in 01/02.
  • diversity training completed to time and evaluated.
  • Diversity targets met and effectiveness of programme evaluated.
  • EM recruitment targets met.
  • RRA implemented by due date.
  • New Deal and Windsor Fellowship Targets met.
Updated 2009-01-06