Health and Safety Commission Annual Report & Health and Safety Commission/Executive Accounts 2007/08

The HSC Annual Report 2007/08 reports on the work of HSC/E during the year and delivery of the HSC Business Plan 2007/08.

HSC Annual Report and the HSC/E Accounts 2007/08

HSC Annual Report and HSC/E Accounts 2007/08

This publication is divided into two main sections: Part 1: HSC Annual Report 2007/08 and Part 2: HSC/E Accounts 2007/08.

Part 1 reports on delivery of the HSC Business Plan 2007/08, together with other key developments in the organisation during the year.  It provides examples of key areas of our work and includes:

Part 2 includes operating costs for the Commission and Executive and a balance sheet for the Executive at 31 March 2008.

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