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HSE - Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC) - Plan of work

Over the five year period 2000-2005 the QNJAC’s aim was to reduce reportable accidents in the quarry industry by 50% through the Hard Target Initiative. An overall 52% reduction was achieved.

Building on this success, all planning is now aimed at a further 50% reduction in injuries by 2010 under “Target Zero, a World Class Industry”, from the same baseline, to achieve an overall reduction of 75% over ten years.

Leadership, behaviour, culture and communication are essential considerations if health and safety is to be effectively managed, and these fundamental underpinning issues are considered to be a “golden thread” throughout.

Priorities identified under Target Zero are:

These priorities are reflected in the QNJAC subcommittee structure.

Objectives and Performance Measures

When the Working Groups having firmed up their proposals for objectives and performance measures, these are referred to the full QNJAC for its agreement. The Groups continue to have a role both in monitoring progress against the performance measures and in helping to develop, on behalf of the QNJAC, guidance such as toolkits and best-practice procedures.

Objectives so far agreed are:

Education & Training

  1. Secure a fully competence-assured industry through competency based qualifications for employees:
    1. 20,000 N/SVQs or equivalent achieved by 2010
    2. New entrants registered for N/SVQs within 12 months of entering the industry
    3. All supervisors/managers engaged in CPD scheme
  2. Secure a fully competence-assured industry through competency based qualifications for contractors:
    1. 20,000 EPIC Contractor Passports held by 2010
    2. New entrant contractors to achieve a valid passport or equivalent within 6 months of entering the industry
  3. Secure a fully competence-assured industry through competency based qualifications for hauliers:
    1. All drivers to hold a drivers skills card or equivalent

Worker Involvement

  1. To secure effective and competent workforce representation
    1. Every quarry with more than 5 employees has a union-appointed safety representative or representative of employee safety
    2. Every Safety Representative or Representative of Employee Safety will have attended the QNJAC/TUC Health and Safety Representatives in the Quarrying Industry course, or equivalent, within 12 months of taking up the role
    3. All competent persons acting in Regulation 8(1) positions will have attended an appropriate training course on worker participation
Updated 2019-10-23