HSE - Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC) - Sub-Committees

The following sub-committees meet when required. Members of sub-committees may be drawn from outside the membership of the main QNJAC in order to ensure the involvement of individuals with suitable expertise and experience. Additional working groups may also be formed to carry out particular shorter term tasks, and output from these or the sub-committees is sometimes in the form of guidance developed on behalf of the QNJAC.

Target Zero Sub-committee

Oversees the setting of targets for the industry, and the criteria by which progress is to be measured. Ensures effective co-ordination of effort between other committees.

Geotechnical Sub-committee

Considers all geotechnical issues including the practical implementation of geotechnical requirements under the Quarries Regulations 1999.

Occupational Health Sub-committee

Established with the aim of producing best practice guidance for the industry on occupational health management. Its continuing aim is to develop proposals for measuring improvement in occupational health in the quarry industry and to promote effective rehabilitation.

Plant Sub-committee

Considers health and safety issues relating to both fixed and mobile plant, including design and supply chain matters.

Worker Representation Sub-committee

Oversees the QNJAC training course for employee representatives (liNK to Union learn website page) and promotes effective worker involvement in health and safety management.

Education Sub-committee (function performed on QNJAC's behalf by EPIC Training and Education Committee)

Considers all issues relating to education, training and competence for the quarry industry.

Contractors Sub-committee

Established to improve co-ordination of health and safety management at the interface between quarry operators and contractors, and between different contractor groups serving the industry.

Road Haulage Sub-committee

Includes members from Road Haulage Association and Freight Transport Association, and leads on matters affecting hauliers serving quarry sites, and their interface with quarry operators.

Explosives Sub-committee

Considers all issues relating to the use of explosives in quarrying, including the practical implementation of the relevant requirements under the Quarries Regulations 1999. Includes oversight of the industry's arrangements for competence assurance and continuing competence for shotfirers and explosives supervisors.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets between the main QNJAC meetings, to progress its work and to oversee the direction of the main committee. The Steering Committee consists of two representatives each of employers and trades unions, plus HSE and the training body (EPIC Ltd). Specific tasks allocated to the Steering Committee include:

  1. QNJAC membership to be continually reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant and reflects changes in the industry.
  2. QNJAC agendas and targets to be reviewed before each main meeting to ensure that the aims of the Target Zero initiative are met, and proposals made to the main meeting as required.
  3. The membership of any subcommittees and working groups to be reviewed by the steering committee after each five-year period.
Updated 2021-06-18