The HSE Legionella Committee

The HSE have established a Legionella working group with the aim of improving communication with internal and external stakeholders and to develop a more coherent and consistent approach to the inspection of Legionella-related plant and management systems.

Membership of the Committee reflects the HSE Directorates and Divisions that have a major interest in Legionella. This will normally include representatives of: the Biological Agents and Genetically Modified Organisms Unit (S15), Hazardous Installation Directorate Biological Agents Unit (HID S14), Health Unit (HU) and the Field Operations Specialist Inspectors (FOD SGs). At the request of the Committee (or any respective section) representatives of other Directorates/Divisions including the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) may attend meetings to discuss specific issues of relevance.

Updated 2021-06-18