Formerly known as the Ceramics Industry Advisory Committee (CERIAC), the remit was expanded to include other mineral industries.

CHARGE was created to provide a forum for member industries to promote improved standards of health and safety and the 'Revitalising Agenda' within those industries.

CHARGE industries


CHARGE's main responsibilities are to:

  • Gather intelligence
  • Support policy development and implementation
  • Agree industry standards
  • Support compliance activities to meet the Government's Revitalising H&S targets on reducing injuries and occupational ill health
  • Monitor the health and safety performance of the industry
  • Communicate with industry sector stakeholders, including trade associations, professional associations and trade unions
  • Publish guidance in consultation with key stakeholders
  • Working with National and European bodies in the development of standards (eg BSI and CEN standards)

Manufacturing Sector

HSE's Manufacturing Sector holds responsibility for health and safety concerns within the CHARGE industries

Updated 2021-06-17