Health and safety in the CHARGE industries – How we work


HSE is organised into a number of directorates of which the largest is the Field Operations Directorate (FOD).

FOD is the main 'operational arm' of HSE and includes HSE inspectors, Policy groups and support staff.

The HSE staff you are most likely to see are our inspectors, but inspection is only part of our work. We also develop health and safety laws, codes and standards (which cover safe working rights across the sector), public advice and guidance, and carry out research.

HSE inspectors

HSE has operational inspectors who deal with industry on a daily basis through:

Industry sectors

FOD has several different industry sectors. HSE's Manufacturing Sector, which is part of the policy group, holds a range of responsibilities for dealing nationally with health and safety concerns within the CHARGE industries.

Strategic programmes

In 2000, the Government and HSC set national targets for health and safety improvements by 2010 as part of 'Revitalising Health and Safety'.

HSE has set up Strategic Programmes as the main agent for delivering the HSC Strategy and the health and safety outcomes necessary to deliver the new Public Service Agreement.

Updated 2020-06-23