Advisory committees and industry groups

The Health and Safety Executive is supported by a range of advisory committees and industry groups. These bodies may be concerned with health and safety in a particular industry or sector, or with particular hazards present across a range of industry sectors. In many cases these groups have limited duration; they are dissolved when their work is done. Others are standing bodies but their work programmes are regularly reviewed and refreshed. The current standing bodies are listed below.

The generic title 'advisory committee' has been applied to many standing bodies created by HSE without generally distinguishing between their different roles. Some of the advisory committees exist to provide HSE with independent scientific and medical expert advice. Their members are appointed solely for the expertise they bring, and they operate according to the Code of Practice for Science Advisory Committees published by the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser. Other advisory committees meet a wider range of needs. Their membership brings together a broad range of interests to work in partnership with HSE, helping us to develop policy and deliver our strategy through a coherent programme of shared action.

Updated 2021-10-12