Lessons for industry

The main construction project for London 2012 was completed in July 2011, on time, within budget and with an exemplary health and safety record. It has demonstrated that building projects on time and within budget does not mean compromising on the health and safety of workers.

HSE shared with the Olympic Delivery Authority an aim to ensure a strong health and safety legacy from the Olympic construction project, and co-operated with them on a series of research projects to capture the good practice and lessons learned.

Many initiatives adopted on the project were not costly or complicated, and are potentially transferable both to other construction projects and to industry more widely.

HSE believes the experience of London 2012 can be used as a catalyst to effect positive change across the construction industry and beyond, driving up standards of health and safety.

In addition to the research reports, HSE has developed a series of good practice case studies demonstrating some of the practical solutions used to manage health and safety during the 'big build'.

Further case studies, micro reports and summaries of the research reports are available on the London 2012 Learning Legacy website.

Raising the bar for health a film about the excellent occupational health provision on the Olympic Park and Athletes' Village during the 'big build' construction project.