Profile of Claire Sullivan

Board Member Health and Safety Executive

Claire Sullivan

Claire Sullivan started her working life as a physiotherapist, qualifying in 1985 and working in the NHS in London for the next decade.

During this period, Claire developed an interest in fairness and rights at work, including health and safety, and went on to undertake a Masters degree in Industrial Relations while continuing to work as a physiotherapist.

Claire joined the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy as their Health and Safety Officer in 1995 and undertook a number of senior roles before taking up her current post heading up the trade union arm of the Society, as Director of Employment Relations and Union Services, in 2014.

Claire sits on the General Council of the Trades Union Congress and on the England NHS Social Partnership Forum. Claire was a member of the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council (IIAC) for 10 years and has an extensive understanding of health and safety at board level. She took up her role from 1 August 2019.

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