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EU Legislation

This page provides details on European measures and how they affect the UK health and safety system. It charts the progress of dossiers through their development, negotiation and transposition phases.

Development stage

Proposals under development by the European Commission

Negotiation stage

Legislative proposals under negotiation by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament through the ordinary legislative procedure and those agreed under authority delegated to the European Commission.

Transposition stage

European legislation that has been adopted and is in the process of being transposed into UK law.

Transposition Notes

Transposition Notes (TNs), set out how UK legislation implements European Union legislation. These memoranda allow Parliament to clearly identify how a piece of European Legislation has been transposed into national law.

Appraisal of HSE's approach to negotiating and implementing European legislation

A report by the Department for Work and Pensions into HSE's approach to negotiating and implementing legislation has been published.

Updated 2021-02-23