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Collaborative working to open the door

A Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) Health and Safety representative was contacted by a PCS member raising a concern about accessibility to the canteen in the Health and Safety Executives’ (HSE) Head Office building in Redgrave Court, Bootle.

The member pointed out some issues with the doors to the canteen. The doors were large and heavy, and therefore difficult for wheelchair users to open. They also posed a potential slip or trip hazard for anyone carrying food or drink from the canteen area.

The PCS Health and Safety Representative raised the issue with HSE Local Management via the internal consultative process. This involved contacting the Facilities Management Team member who advises the local Health and Safety Committee (H&S) and leads on individual issues raised outside of the regular H&S committee meetings.

Following discussions, HSE Facilities Management raised the matter with Honeywell, Redgrave Court Facilities Management Company, who agreed that the doors would be replaced with automated sliding doors at no cost to HSE.

door has proved to be an extremely helpful and positive addition to all who work in Redgrave Court. It is a great example of how employers working in partnership with Health and Safety Representatives can provide a benefit to all colleagues


'I was really pleased that HSE took on board our concerns.  We work in a great building, and this was one glaring issue that needed sorting.  The Facilities Management team were supportive, and did a great job in negotiating a solution at no cost to HSE.'
Paula Brown  PCS TU & H&S Rep

Updated 2018-01-26