The Robens Report

The Committee on Health and Safety at Work was appointed in May 1970 by Barbara Castle, Secretary of State for Employment and Productivity. It was required to review and make recommendations in relation to the safety and health of persons at work and that of the public in connection with activities on industrial, commercial or construction sites. The committee was chaired by Lord Alfred Robens, Chairman of the National Coal Board and comprised six other members.

Lord Alfred Robens, Baron Robens of Woldingham, (18 December 1910 - 27 June 1999) was an English trade unionist, Labour politician and industrialist. He spent a decade as chair of the National Coal Board before heading up the Committee on Health and Safety at Work.

The Committee reported in June 1972, the recommendations of the committee were substantially enacted in the Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974, which received Royal Assent on 31 July. The following January, the Health and Safety Commission and its enforcing body, the Health and Safety Executive were formed.

Updated: 2022-01-04