Machinery, plant and equipment

This section covers the different safety aspects of using machinery and maintaining plant and equipment in the workplace. Employers should consider how their workers use machinery, and have adequate maintenance arrangements in place to ensure it remains safe to use.

There is also specific advice on the safe use of lifting equipment and carrying out vehicle repairs.

Case study

A company were prosecuted after a worker was killed when he was crushed in the rollers of a rubber and cloth inspection machine.

Other workers heard him cry out and he was found with his left arm, shoulder, head and torso trapped between the rubberised blanket and the roller. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

What caused the accident?

The company had not assessed the risks associated with using the machine. They had not checked that it was safe to use following modifications when the nip guards were removed and an unguarded roller was inserted.

Updated 2021-05-12