The seven steps

  1. Assess how you're doing
  2. Find the root of the issues
  3. Make it fit with what you do
  4. Lead this in your company
  5. What's in it for your team
  6. How your team can carry it out
  7. Make it last

Step 3: Make it fit with what you do


Important! Before beginning this step you should have completed:.

This step will help you to understand the key risks to health and safety in construction.

The aim is to show you how leadership and worker involvement can contribute to preventing accidents and ill health on construction sites.

Two construction workers in conversation

The health and safety risks section provides advice to help you understand the top health and safety risks in construction, and resources on how the right actions by both managers and workers can control these risks.

Further Tools demonstrates how you can show leadership by reviewing your health and safety policy, and by getting involved, and involving others, in the process of risk assessment. A guidance note on the 'Management of risk when planning work' sets out the key principles that everyone should apply to help manage risk better.

Further tools

Here are some more tools that can help you improve your organisation's health and safety.

Your health and safety policy should drive your overall direction on health and safety and act as a constant reference to your company's attitude to it. Using this template will help you to examine your own policy, in order to see how to incorporate leadership and worker involvement.

Your risk assessment is much more likely to work if you involve your workers, as they are the ones who have to deal directly with hazards in the workplace. The 'Engaging Your workers in risk management' tool will help you to do this.

This guidance on the 'Management of risk when planning work' sets out simple key principles of risk control which everyone should know.


Making improvements to your overall health and safety management system/processes by involving your workers will help you to create a work environment that encourages safe behaviour. This will help you to tackle the real causes of accidents, incidents and ill-health.

You can bolster your health and safety management by:

  • providing leadership to set and maintain good health and safety standards
  • involving workers when assessing risks

Before moving on to the next section you should at the very least:

  • have used the Case Study tools outlining the health and safety risks arising in various scenarios and considered how to use these tools to help others in your organisation learn about risk
  • have reviewed your company's health and safety policy to include clear statements that help drive your health and safety standards
  • have created an action plan to involve workers in risk assessments and measurements of health and safety performance wherever possible
Updated: 09.11.21