Leadership and worker involvement toolkit

Reducing harm by learning from the best in the construction industry

This toolkit has been developed by the construction industry's Leadership and Worker Engagement Forum to help contractors and managers learn how to make health and safety improvements in their businesses.

Getting started

If you are new to this toolkit, use the Health and Safety Diagnostic Tool (HSDT) to find out how your organisation is doing.

You could also visit the sections 'LWI - Key principles' or 'The seven steps', or read the tips on how to use the toolkit.

Launch the Health and Safety Diagnostic Tool
  1. Assess how you're doing
  2. Find the root of the issues
  3. Make it fit with what you do
  4. Lead this in your company
  5. What's in it for your team
  6. How your team can carry it out
  7. Make it last

Are you a worker?

As a construction worker you have a key part to play in health and safety. This section of the toolkit will help you to do your bit for your own and your workmates health and safety.

What's in it for you and your business?

The section 'What's in it for me and my business' will show you the benefits of this toolkit and what it contains.

This toolkit will help you to improve your health and safety performance. Doing this will bring additional benefits to your overall business performance and productivity.

Case studies

Five case studies which show how smaller construction businesses improved health and safety by using the toolkit.

Updated: 2021-12-13