Falls from vehicles campaign and the construction industry – Autumn 2007

The 'Falls From Vehicles' campaign will take place from October to December 2007. The campaign is being launched to cut the numbers of injuries and deaths caused by falls from vehicles across all industries, which costs British businesses nearly £37 million in human and economic costs.

  • 90% of falls from vehicle injuries in all industries are from falls below head height

What is HSE doing with the construction industry?

  • Approximately 2000 workers are seriously injured and on average 5 lose their lives across all industries every year as a result of falling from a vehicle. The construction industry accounts for around 10% of these

Who can make a difference?

  • For all other industries, approximately three-quarters of those injured are delivery drivers. However, in construction 70% of all falls from vehicle injuries occur to non-drivers ie those who are involved in unloading delivery vehicles

What have we done so far?

We have already sent out a mailshot to manufacturers of commercial vehicles and trailers encouraging them to get ready for the campaign as vehicle buyers will be looking to them to supply the safety features.

  • In construction falls from vehicles occur mostly when workers/operatives are working on, loading/unloading the vehicle, and getting on or off.

What else are we doing?

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  • A high proportion of construction accidents occur on delivery vehicles; usually on HGVs and flat bed vehicles.

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