Asbestos image gallery

The materials below represent some common places where asbestos can be found. If you are unsure whether asbestos is present, don't start work. Your boss or the building manager should tell you if asbestos is present.

Crumbling pieces of AIB
Pieces of AIB
White perforated ceiling tiles in a corridor, one with corner broken
Perforated AIB ceiling tiles damaged around the light fitting
Floor tiles
Asbestos containing floor tiles in a corridor
Corrugated roof section with white coating
Sprayed 'limpet' asbestos on the underside of an asbestos cement roof
Rough dirty white downpipe, hopper and profile sheet
Asbestos cement downpipe, hopper and profile sheet
Old looking dirty white corrugated roof
Damaged asbestos panelling on a roof
Damaged corrugated roof panels
Asbestos cement roof (damaged exterior)
Wall with white coating
Wall with toweled loose asbestos
Torn lagging
Torn asbestos pipe lagging
Lagging in poor condition
Damaged asbestos lagging on hot water pipes
Person in protective equipment unscrewing a ceiling tile
Unscrewing of an AIB ceiling tile
Lagged pipe
Pipe insulated using both asbestos lagging and rope
rope wrapped around a pipe
Asbestos rope used as insulation on a pipe
Torn lagging and debris
Damaged asbestos pipe lagging and debris
Person wearing protective boilersuit and respirator mask, removing a ceiling tile
Careful handling of an AIB ceiling tile during removal
AIB Panelling surrounding a window
AIB window panelling
Window sill
AIB window sill
Soffit below gutter
AIB soffit
Downpipe from gutter
Asbestos cement drainage pipe (downpipe)
External building panel
Asbestos cement external building panel
Panelling inside heater cupboard
Asbestos panelling inside heater cupboard
Gas meter in alcove
Asbestos panelling around gas meter
Textured ceiling
Asbestos textured coating
Incomplete white coating on workshop ceiling and I beam
Sprayed 'limpet' asbestos which has been partly removed
Damaged white cladding on outside of flats
Pieces of AIB on outside of a building

White fire blanket
Asbestos fire blanket
corridor with suspended ceiling tiles
Suspended AIB ceiling tiles in a corridor

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Updated 2023-05-16