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Why is it important to use the right equipment?

Worker crushes hand when ladder slips

Michael Norton was carrying a double-glass glazed unit while climbing a ladder. As he almost reached the top, the ladder suddenly slipped against the door frame it was leaning on. Michael fell and crushed his hand between the wall and the glass unit. He had to have three steel rods inserted to hold the bones together.

His life has been shattered and he can no longer grip things, which affects all his daily activities. The shattering glass could have killed him.

This wouldn't have happened if. Michael had used a tower scaffold, which would have been much more suitable for the job.

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Man killed in fall from temporary office unit

David Boulton was unloading a temporary office unit from a lorry. He was standing on top of the unit to attach a sling from a crane when he fell on to the road, suffering fatal head injuries.

HSE investigators found flaws in the company's safety systems.

This wouldn't have happened if. David had used a scissor lift to access the top of the unit and staff had been trained, supervised and kept up to date, with safety systems that were easy to understand.

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Two men injured in fall when driver chooses wrong gear

Two horticulture employees suffered major injuries when the steel mesh cage they were working in fell from the forks of a telescopic handler. The lifting cage was not secured to the forks of the vehicle. The two employees were cutting the top off a line of conifer trees using a bow saw. When they finished, they shouted to the driver to lower them, but he selected forward gear instead of reverse, causing the vehicle to move forward suddenly. The cage fell almost three metres to the floor with the men still inside.
This wouldn't have happened if . the driver of the telescopic handler had been trained to do the lifting operation safely.

Ladder fall puts family's plans on hold

Paul Ramsden had been a painter and decorator for 26 years when he fell 26 feet off a ladder. The impact of the fall broke every bone on the left side of his body and changed his life forever. He can no longer go cycling with his children or walk his dog, and his relationship with his wife has been deeply affected. She had recently had a baby and because he was unable to work, all the family's plans for the future were put on hold. Nearly three years later he still cannot work.

This wouldn't have happened if. Paul had used a tower scaffold

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