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Subcontract safely

Anyone involved in assembling or using access equipment, for example scaffolding or Mobile elevating working platforms (MEWPs) such as scissor lifts, must be trained and competent to do so. This includes any contractors.

For scaffolding and powered access equipment such as MEWPs, in particular, there are widely recognised training schemes providing certificates or licenses to those who have completed general training. It is also important that workers are familiar with the specific equipment in use, particularly with MEWPs as their features can differ considerably between makes and models

What you should consider when you subcontract work to others

You must:

  • check the health and safety performance and competence of the people you plan to use for the work.
  • give them the health and safety information they need for the work..
  • talk about the work (including the access and health and safety aspects) with them before they start.
  • make sure that you have provided everything you agreed (e.g. safe scaffolds, the right plant, access to welfare, etc).
  • check their performance and remedy problems with, or deviations from, the planned work.

Selecting Competent Contractors for Work at Height

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