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Changing light bulbs in a sports hall

Sports hall Sports hall Sports hall

Factors to consider

  • Height - the fittings are suspended from the roof at a height of 10m.
  • The equipment needs to be free-standing as it cannot be supported.
  • Surface conditions - the floor is smooth,clean and dry.
  • Access - is restricted as it's via a standard double doorway.
  • Work duration - the work is expected to be of short duration as it involves removing a cover and changing the bulb.
  • The time between equipment movements is short.
  • Work activity is indoors so we don't have to worry about what the weather is like! However as the job is in a sports hall you need to wait until the sports hall is not being used and no-one is likely to be around. If anyone is likely to access the area remember to cordon the area off safely.
  • Work activity is expected to be 'light' as it only involves removing a cover and changing the bulb.

With all of these conditions, the access equipment that could be considered includes, either a mobile access tower scaffold or a single user mobile elevating work platform (MEWP).

HSE Key Message : All access equipment should be used by a competent person in its erection/use/dismantling or operation. If you're still being trained, you should be supervised by someone who is competent to use the access equipment and carry out the task.

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