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Installation of CCTV equipment

mounting 3 CCTV cameras on the walls of a shopping centre

Shopping centre

Factors to consider

  • Height - the cameras are to be mounted at a height of 3m.
  • Surface Conditions - The floor is even, stable and dry.
  • Access to the job is not restricted.
  • Work duration - the work is expected to be of short duration as it involves screwing the cameras onto the walls. The cameras weigh less than 10kg.
  • Work activity - 'medium' as it involves using both hands to lift and screw the cameras onto the walls.
  • Time between equipment movements - expected to be short.
  • The weather conditions are fine and dry with a gentle breeze so it is safe to use the equipment.

With all of these conditions, the access equipment that could be considered includes, either a mobile access tower or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP).

HSE Key Message : All access equipment should be used by a competent person in its erection/use/dismantling or operation. If you're still being trained, you should be supervised by someone who is competent to use the access equipment and carry out the task.

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